Art Direction, Brand Identity, Digital Design
What is Soccer Dream?

Soccer Dream is the first virtual reality training platform that accelerates the learning of football intelligence on the field of play. Their values:
The VR simulator
Works cognitive skills in a virtual environment through perception and execution in real time. In addition, the acquired skills are tested on the field of play.

The App for coaches
Train coaches to train football intelligence and develop players smarter. Monitor the tracking of each one during the time to boost the level competitive of Clubs.

Their results
Coaches such as Pep Guardiola or Xavi Hernández validate the development of the intelligence of football because it makes the difference! The platform increases the perception, anticipation and decision-making capacity of players and Clubs.

The new brand identity focuses on every interaction that players have with the platform. That is why it is important that all applications maintain a correct creative expression by creating tools that guide them, not rules!
Below we show a set of materials developed to create and use the brand in the best way. We know that each challenge is different, so instead of giving details or templates for each possible use, we simply generate basic rules and examples to guide each of your actions offline and online - Make the brand comes alive.

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