Hey fam! 🐼
Wanted to share how creative design helped a Metaverse project
sell $1M and raise $40M in 90 days!
And how this video
got the attention of investors:
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Project: Gamium Metaverse
Token: GMM
We’ve been asked a lot about: 
"What WE did with Gamium to help them hyper scale so fast?"
When it comes to Metaverse prelaunches, the visual communication is crucial for selling and attracting investors.​​​​​​​
So we thought it would be valuable to share it with you!
Let's start with the results:

It doesn't matter if you're currently earning 5k, 30k, 100k or if you're not yet generating a significant monthly income stream. This case study is designed to take your business to the next level  🚀👇


Weeks after the end of the campaign, Telefónica & Wayra invest in Gamium to take another step forward in
their commitment to the #Web3 market.

A clear example that our branding actions have contributed to building the desired perception for a high-ranking investor to bet on Gamium for their #Blockchain ecosystem.

These are some key actions any project can take to:​​​​​​​
 Accelerate growth.
 Attract investors.
 Get a lot of PR.
  And now DISCOVER
1️⃣ Clear communication guidelines
First things first.

How do we turn a project into a product we can commercialize?

What do we communicate and how?  Needs branding? What visual style? VFX Effects, etc?

With this info completed, we executed the whole project design and the communication/selling tools focused on their website and social media.
⬆️  Sketches of kick off & branding process  ⬆️
2️⃣ Make it aspirational
During the pre-launch, we need to get people excited to join the project and be part of it.
Before launch, it’s all about hype.
We’re selling an idea.
It’s ALL about how we visually communicate that idea and we crushed this part.

Gamium Avatar Generation Event - Trailer for PR

3️⃣ 3D & Animation
The last but not the least!

We created a huge package of 3D+Sounds assets to: Trailers & PR, NFT cards design, Avatars generation, Motion Graphics for the website, VFX & Sounds effects to improve the branding genuine details…etc.

Gamium Gold Anatomy - Trailer for PR

Gamium NFT Cards - Gold Anatomy (Legendary!!!)

⬆️  Gamium BSO - Play to sound  ⬆️

Gamium NFT Cards - Silver Anatomy

⬆️  Gamium BSO - Play to sound  ⬆️

Gamium NFT Cards - Purple Anatomy

⬆️  Gamium 3D+Sounds effects & Animations assets mixing  ⬆️
But the most important one was creating a video trailer displaying the actual Metaverse (the engineers designed it, we animated the whole thing).
1️⃣ Clear communication foundation
2️⃣ Make it aspirational
3️⃣ High quality 3D+Sounds & Animations assets
Hope this helped!✌🏽